How Virtual Rides

can benefit your charity

Virtual Rides

A charity bike event where riders participate when and how it suits them

Thank you for your interest in Virtual Rides – the newest way for new and keen cyclists alike to raise money for great causes, such as yours.

A Virtual Ride differs from a ‘normal’ charity ride in one crucial way – the cyclist has complete control over where and when they undertake their chosen distance. The result? More flexibility for them and less organisation for you!

There are many ways a Virtual Ride can be organised, here are just some ideas…

  • A simple one-off ride, with varying distances
  • A group challenge (e.g. have a virtual ‘Tour of Britain’)
  • A themed ride. Your imagination is the limit, but you could consider…
    • wearing a certain colour associated with your charity
    • visiting a landmark (e.g. a stately home or a hill/mountain)
    • collecting a particular item

Typically, all participants will be rewarded with a custom-designed medal when the event is over. However, you can decide to offer a different reward.

We’ve tried to answer a few of the common questions we get asked here, but if you have any that are not covered then we’d love to talk. Just fill in the form at the bottom and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will a Virtual Ride affect our existing cycle events?

Far from being detrimental to your existing activities, Virtual Rides can complement your charity cycle events in a number of different ways…

  • Supporting the main ride
    Some people can’t participate in charity rides because they live too far away, missed nabbing one of the available slots, or have other commitments on the day. Give them the option of doing a Virtual Ride instead and they can still feel part of your primary cycle event.
  • Building anticipation
    Long bike rides often require novice cyclists to undertake months of training. Rather than leave your supporters to sort this out for themselves, why not arrange a series of Virtual Rides of ever-increasing distances, leading up to the main event.
  • Maintaining post-event enthusiasm
    It’s difficult to organise more than one major cycle event per year. Virtual Rides can be easily organised to maintain contact with your supporters in fun and innovative ways.

Can participants still raise sponsorship?

Of course. All the relevant information, including sponsorship forms, can be sent by email as part of the registration process. Just provide us with all the files and we can sort that out for you.

Or, if your supporters are experiencing ‘sponsorship fatigue’ then Virtual Rides can give them other opportunities to raise money, or awareness. Organising a group of friends to join them for the virtual ride, promoting the ride on social media, or any number of other approaches can get the word out to people you might not otherwise reach.

Will there be a lot of extra admin?

Not at all. The ‘virtual’ nature of the event means that there’s no need to worry about organising fixed routes, putting up signage, checking people in, providing food and drink stations, and all the other labour-intensive aspects of running a cycle event.

In addition, we’ll take care of a lot of the activities required of running a Virtual Ride. We’ll deal with registrations, payment handling, event emails, proof of completion and sending the event reward in the post.

All you need to do is decide on a theme, promote the event alongside your other activities, and receive the proceeds when its all over!

Will we be able to contact people after the event?

Whilst we need to be mindful of data protection considerations, we also believe that anyone participating in a Virtual Ride for a particular charity will be very open to receiving future communication from them. So there will certainly be opportunities during the event to communicate with them, and encourage them to register their details with you. We will also add a registration opt-in for your charity when people register for an event. After the event we can then provide you with a list of participants who are happy for you to contact them.

Can we offer merchandise too?

Absolutely! We see merchandise as one way in which participants can really identify with you as a charity. So whether it’s wrist bands, headgear, cycling kit or any number of other alternatives, we would really encourage you to use this opportunity to get your charity’s brand out there.

To facilitate this, we are able to help you as much or as little as you need. We can source suppliers of appropriate items (at very competitive rates), help you design items, and with a full e-commerce facility can even take and fulfil orders.

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