How Virtual Rides can benefit your club

Thank you for your interest in Virtual Rides – the newest way for novice and keen cyclists alike to raise money for great causes and benefit your club!

What is a Virtual Ride?

Quite simply, it is a charity bike ride with the ultimate flexibility. We’ve removed all the limiting factors such as fixed routes, a fixed date, and a logistical headache. In its place, we allow participants to ride where they like, when they like. Typically, all participants will be rewarded with a custom-designed medal when the event is over. Check out the FAQ page for more information.

How can my club benefit?

Getting involved with a Virtual Ride can be a great way to attract new riders to your club. Lots of people are put off the idea of even contacting cycling clubs because they think the rides will be too fast, or the club too cliquey, or its just totally outside their comfort zone.

However, if they are interested in doing a Virtual RIde for charity, then that’s a great opportunity for you to set up try-out sessions. The cyclist gets the benefit of riding with experienced cyclists over an appropriate route, and your club gets the opportunity to gain new members. All whilst helping a great cause!

Virtual Rides are great for existing club members too! They can offer an added incentive for members to join a regular ride, or give you a great way to support club members undertaking a charity ride of their own. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to raise money for charity, such as setting up a virtual ‘John O’Groats to Lands End’ ride that club members can complete on local roads.

We can even help you source bespoke kit and other cycling equipment, and offer them for sale on our website.

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