What is a Virtual Ride?

Quite simply, a new way to raise money for a worthy cause, with a great deal more flexibility than the usual charity bike ride.

With a Virtual Ride you sign up, pay your fee and choose a distance you want to do. Then, at any time during the event period, get out on your bike and ride. You choose the exact date and time, and you create your own route. You can go alone, or organise your own group. It’s totally up to you.

Is there any recognition of my effort?

Absolutely…we know many people really push their boundaries on charity rides, and that deserves a memento. That memento will vary from event to event. Often it will be a custom medal, something you’ll be proud to show to friends and family. Some charities prefer to give other rewards. Every event will recognise your effort and achievement in some way, though.

Why do this instead of a 'normal' charity ride?

We set Virtual Rides up not to compete with other types of charity ride, but to complement them. We’re not asking you to stop entering rides you may have done in the past, but we recognise that they are not for everyone.

You might be nervous about riding with hundreds of other people. You might be unavailable the day of your favourite charity’s event. Or their ride might be hundreds of miles from where you live. There are all sorts of reasons why a Virtual Ride might work for you.

Can a group sign up?

Sure, the more the merrier! You can either sign up on the group’s behalf by purchasing a number of entries in one go, or everyone can sign up individually.

If you sign up as a group then all the mementos will be send to the registrant’s address.

Some events may have personalised awards, though, in which case individual signups will be needed. We’ll make that obvious on the event details page.

Do you have a leaderboard for each event?

No, and we have no intention of doing this. These events are about challenging yourself, not others, whilst raising money for worthy causes.

Don’t forget, you have complete flexibility over when and where you complete your chosen distance. So whilst Messrs Duckworth and Lewis found a way to compare cricket innings of different lengths, we haven’t yet found a good way to compare a flat, dry, wind-assisted course in Holland with a rainy jaunt through the Alps.

However, it you want to feel even more a part of our global family, then you can always join our Strava group.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Whilst we can’t impose any restrictions on you or your ride, we would strongly encourage you to invest in a helmet, and to make sure that it is fitted properly during your ride. Why? Simply because they improve your chances of escaping serious head injury in the unlikely event that you are involved in an incident during your ride.

You should, of course, abide by the laws in the country or state in which you ride. You can find information on your local bike helmet legislation here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_helmet_laws_by_country

What if I don't do my ride before the close time?

We’re based in the UK, we understand that the weather can be pretty pants for weeks on end, and that life sometimes gets in the way of the best intentions.

So everyone that registers for one of our rides will get their memento! Yup, you don’t even have to drag yourself out to get some bling, although we really hope that you will decide to get out there. It’s great exercise and nothing beats that sense of achievement when you hit a challenging target.

How do I let you know I've done my ride?

First of all, well done for getting there. You rock!

If you want to let us know you’ve finished, then you can upload a picture on your event registration page (check your registration confirmation email for the ‘Upload file’ link). It can be a selfie of you when you’ve finished, a screenshot of your ride tracking device, or anything else appropriate.

Don’t forget you can also upload pictures to our Facebook page, or tag them with the official event hashtag on Instagram. We love getting your tweets too!

Please note that we reserve the right to use your uploaded photos for marketing purposes, although we will endeavour to blur or remove any aspects that we consider too personal.

How much of the ride fee goes to the chosen charity?

We try to maximise the amount of money donated to each charity, whilst covering the various costs involved in running Virtual Rides. We guarantee that at least £5 of each event registration goes to the worthy cause, although we expect this to be nearer £10.

We will also publicise the final donation amount after each event.

Are you a charity or not-for-profit?

Virtual Rides is run on a not-for-profit basis, although we don’t have shareholders, and never intend to. We are committed to helping charities succeed as best we can.

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