Knowledge is Power

…leg power!

If you’re new to cycling, or simply new to organised charity rides, you may be a little daunted by the prospect of a Virtual Ride that will take you further than you’ve been before. Don’t worry, we’ve collected a load of great resources together to help you out.

Route Mapping

Strava – Lets you create routes to follow in addition to tracking where you have been.

MapMyRide – Plan routes, track activities, log your food.

Google Maps – Includes cycling as an option when getting directions. – UK-based route planner with turn-by-turn maps

Bike Route Toaster – Create courses, plan rides.

GPSies – View and download GPS tracks.

Open Cycle Map – Limited route planning, but all the bike-friendly tracks.

Cafe Network (UK only) – Make sure your route contains a bike-friendly cafe for the all-important energy-boosting cake!



CTC – Prepare for your first charity ride – Great overview of all you need to consider before your first ride

British Cycling Training Plans – Cycle-specific training plans for beginners and beyond

BHF Cycling Training Plans – Including downloadable PDFs

Fuelling your bike ride – What to eat before and during your Virtual Ride

Century Bike Rides – Great training tips for those contemplating their first 100 mile ride


Keen to ride, but not by yourself? Here are some resources to help you find, or create, a group to ride with:

Ride Social – Find a social group ride near you (UK only)

British Cycling Clubs – Find a local club affiliated to British Cycling (many will cater for novices)



We try out lots of cycling kit in the course of organising our rides. Here are some items that we think you might find useful when embarking on your charity endeavour…

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